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Farhat Shaukat is a creative lead and an artist.

As a creative lead, with experience in New York and the Middle East, she believes that a multi-disciplinary approach paired with effective communication and empathy results in impactful work. She earned her B.F.A in Visual Media Studies at Rochester Institute of Technology with a minor in advertising and Public Relations.

As an artist, she explores the human condition through her camera lens while also ruminating on fantastical narratives with a focus on the female form through paint, illustration and poetry. She is currently open to taking commissions for 2023 and enjoys collaborating with artists.


Presently, she consults as a Creative Director at SatatKi where she both designed experiences and showcased her art at Balance & Blend - a sustainable fashion, art and lifestyle exhibit. She is open and keen to work with brands looking to push the creative envelope both in India and Dubai.


Her clients include Tailor & Circus, Xiaomi, Vedaearth, CKC Jewellers, Vedaearth and Michelin.


  • Satatki

  • Tailor and Circus


  • Vedaearth

  • Nappa Dori

  • CKC Jewellers

  • Xiaomi


Available for commissions & collaborations

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